Listen to Sparrow’s new album with the Resonant Rogues here…

From city wide children’s choir to high school orchestra to street performance in New Orleans and San Francisco, Sparrow’s life has always revolved around music. Classically trained in viola and voice, she entered adulthood ready to embark upon the sea of artistic life. Since she picked up an accordion in 2003, Sparrow has never looked back…

She has learned from everyone she could, but especially from Tim Roust, with occasional lessons from Dan Cantrell and August Hoerr.  Currently, she plays with the Resonant Rogues, and leads the swing band Sparrow & her Wingmen.   In the past, she has played in the Asheville Tango Orchestra, the Sugarfoot Serenaders, and LaiLou, as well as performing and recording solo.  She also has lead the big Runaway Circus Band, which is a group of 10-20 musicians who come together to play for the community circus every winter.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASparrow’s current main musical project is The Resonant Rogues, a collaboration with her partner and fellow songwriter Keith Smith.   Together with Drayton Aldridge on the violin and Craig Sandberg on the upright bass, they have been touring the country and even the world since their inception in the spring of 2013.   You can hear their music here….

sparrow accordion outAfter many years of songwriting and playing with different bands and friends, Sparrow recorded her first solo album, called Set Sail, in 2012.  With lots of layers and a little help from her fiends, this album features all original tunes played with many of her favorite instruments, and ranges in style from old-time to wistful circusy waltzes.  Get the album here!

Sparrow has been singing vintage  jazz tunes (plus a couple of old fashioned originals!) her new swing project, Sparrow & her Wingmen.   Featuring Je Widenhouse on the trumpet, this band plays for dancers and jazz listeners in Asheville and beyond.

Sparrow also loves to teach folks to play music, especially accordion and general theory.  She has a good working knowledge of music theory, sight reading, transcription, and has taught innumerable people how to both read music and play by ear.  Her patience and enormous love of people learning to play music makes her an engaging and capable teacher.  She has taught accordion at the Asheville Music School.

4 thoughts on “Music

  1. Trish Wooldridge

    While in Asheville on a visit, we enjoyed listening to Sparrow with several other musicians on the street. We loved her smile, her playing of the accordian and her lovely singing. What a breath of fresh air! Wonderful, beautiful and talented. We bought her first CD. It’s good!!!

  2. Anton

    I purchased your CD after hearing you in Washington Square Park. I am very impressed by your wonderful music and I look forward to your next release.

  3. Allison

    Hi sparrow,

    Looking for someone to give an accordion lesson in the Asheville area? Wondering if you might be available or know anyone that is. Hard to come by :).




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